Call centers are extension units of businesses to handle the operations efficiently. The specialization areas of BPO services involve handling the business calls, telemarketing, lead generation,back office support, telemarketing services, technical help desk support and non voice services to help you stand out in the clustered market place by connecting you with potential customer base and satisfying their queries and questions on 24/7 basis Titan Call Center.

Since the initiation of the concept ‘outsourcing’ offshore call centers have been under the scrutiny of under the watchful eyes of industry dogs. Some favors the idea of hiring an offshore call center outsourcing services providers while some back the idea of setting an in-house contact center. Here, we have discussed some comparative key-points to understand the finer points of offshore BPOs and how they could be the best option in handling customer phone calls and providing quality support.

1) Cost: Offshore call centers are the greatest source of reducing the cost of business operations. Given the abundance of inexpensive manpower, technology inclined minds, and proficient skillful people, the contact center operations are half the rate of your chosen onshore BPO or in-built contact center set up. There has been talk about BPO compromising on quality, professionalism of services and business ethics but do not you think that these things can happen even if you pay a fortune to an onshore or with an in-house contact center!

2) Geography: Geographically speaking, offshore call centers especially Indian are in better position. Their geographical situation let them have an ideal 12 hour gap of day and night with European countries. They can work on 24/7 basis to ensure continuous and uninterrupted customer services whereas if you hire on-shore call centers, you may need to hire them for two shifts and probably pay double!

3) Global: Nowadays when businesses have gone global and the customers are practically everywhere, contact center services have become even more relevant and mandatory. Outsource Call Center agents are well proficient in English as well as other languages such as French, Polish and Spanish.

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