Tea is the most popular beverage after water, although mostly in Asia and Britain, it’s popularity is rising and thus more and more users are found all around the world. Not only it is aromatic, as well as flavourful, tea drinking will also bring many health benefits. In short, drinking tea is good for your body and your mind Kefir Grains.

Here are some key benefits of tea drinking:

Calming effect on body and mind

Herbal teas such as the green tea are known to have this effect on your body and mind. The L-theanine amino acid found in the tea has been found to cause a sense of euphoria and optimism in our central nervous system. On top of that, it also helps neutralize caffeine and helps keep you calm.

Intestinal Tract Bacteria

This key benefit has been well researched and had showed that drinking tea will help cull harmful bacteria, as well as replacing them with healthy and beneficial bacteria. Some research have shown that tea drinking greatly reduce the H plyloi bacteria, which is known to produce ulcer in our stomach.

Help Combat Diseases

Research has shown that tea drinking have disease fighting ability; below are some diseases that were reduced due to regular tea drinking:

– Hypertension: Green tea and oolong teas have shown to have help reducing hypertension.

– Dental Decay: Tea in general helps prevent dental decay, by killing off harmful bacteria in our mouth.

– Alzheimer: There is currently no cure, but tea has help delay the onset and occurrence of Alzheimer.

– Leukemia: Tea can effectively boost and strengthen our resistance and defenses against leukemia cells, as shown in some studies done by Mayo Clinic.

Reducing Cardiovascular Disease

Homocysteine, one of the primary causes of many cardiovascular diseases can be warded off and prevented by the regular drinking of healthy tea. Tea also contains vitamin M that are helpful in keeping our nervous system healthy, as well as helps prevent cancer.